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Almond breeze chocolate flavour

Product name: Almond Breeze Chocolate

Product manufacturer: Pactum/Freedom Foods

Ingredients: filtered water, raw sugar, almonds (2%), cocoa powder (0.6%), calcium carbonate (ground limestone), sea salt, stabilizer (carrageenan), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), natural flavour.

Shelf life: Refrigerate for longer shelf life.

Packaging: Sold in 1L individual cartons. Sold to stores in packs of 12.

Product manager: Roger Ringwood

Brand website: www.almondbreeze.com.au

What the company says

Following the successful launch of Almond Breeze last year, the leading international brand of almond milk is expanding its range with a low fat and dairy free chocolate version.

Set to hit the shelves just in time for Easter, Chocolate Almond Breeze is a healthy non-dairy treat that is easy to digest and nutritious at the same time. The chocolate version has just 120 calories per 250ml serving making it a healthy alternative to chocolate skim milk and soy.

Roger Ringwood, Country Director for Almond Breeze said: “We are thrilled with the success of Almond Breeze and are excited with the opportunity that the new chocolate version brings to the brand. There has always been a demand for a healthy alternative to those products we love, such as chocolate milk. Chocolate Almond Breeze appeals to the whole family and is ideal for anyone looking for a guilt free treat and a healthier lifestyle.”

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