Amazing looking foods you can’t eat

 Last week we reported on research which found that seeing images of foods makes them more enjoyable when you eat them. But what if the food in question looks absolutely delicious, but you can’t eat it because it’s…not actually food?

In a sequence titled Inedible Food Porn in the Daily Life website, amazing artwork made from everything from soap to ceramics are shown…and they all look good enough to eat.

These nuggets and chips might look delicious, but you probably wouldn’t want to eat them…they’re soap.

This hearty breakfast is actually a balloon artwork creation.

And with Easter on the brain, you are probably thinking about biting into some delicious chocolate bunnies like this. But we would suggest not these ones, because they are ceramic. The Easter sugarload already increased those pesky dental bills, and you would definitely need a trip to the dentist after these ones.

Talk about dangling the carrot!

Check out all the photos here.

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