Amcor’s healthy approach to packaging

There has been a heightened awareness across the community for some time regarding the importance of health and wellness.

Health and nutrition is one of the prevailing megatrends that are having a significant impact on consumer brand companies and retailers both here in Australia and New Zealand and elsewhere around the world.

Developing a deep understanding and insight of these market trends is seen by Amcor as critical in terms of responding quickly with new, innovative packaging solutions for customers.

This is certainly not the latest fad.

Amcor expects the focus on health and wellness to grow due to several factors — increasing concern regarding obesity, an ageing yet healthier and wealthier population, greater awareness of body image, rising ‘quality of life’ expectations, organic products moving to the mainstream and increased interest in functional and fortified products.

Some clear implications for packaging have emerged — information-rich labelling including nutritional benefits of the product, portion controlled formats, high product visibility on retail shelves, and wholesome image presentation.

Amcor is developing new packaging solutions to help make fresh produce more accessible to consumers by keeping it fresher for longer periods.

Amcor’s LifeSpan is a world-leading modified atmosphere technology that maximises product shelf life of fruit and vegetables.

Amcor’s global packaging reach facilitates the transfer of these advanced technologies, particularly in the flexibles packaging area of the local Australasian market.

Other recent examples of Amcor’s packaging innovation in response to the growing health and wellness trend are:

• Amcor SureFresh carton, a new generation high gloss black paper and film laminate carton, which combines superior strength with premium product appearance at point of sale for Australian fresh fruit and produce.

• Eco-Punnet, jointly created by Pacific Coast Eco Bananas and Amcor, that takes four or six red wax-tipped bananas (grown with less fertilisers and chemicals) in an informative retail pack, which offers enhanced ripening and greater product protection for consumers.

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