Amcor’s new retail packaging initiative

Amcor Australasia has launched a new retail packaging initiative to showcase emerging technology and innovation in primary, secondary and tertiary packaging.

Retail 2010 — Packaging the Future, is a physical and virtual tour of a simulated retail supply chain from the perspective of a package, presenting Amcor’s unique capabilities to create integrated packaging solutions including packaging design and development, retail-ready packaging, point-of-sale displays and RFID.

Simulating communication between Amcor, its customers and other members of the retail supply chain, the Retail 2010 demonstrates the latest in retail solutions, while facilitating the development of practical solutions to meet changing retail packaging requirements.

Based at Amcor’s Research and Technology centre in Alphington, Melbourne, Retail 2010 makes use of Amcor’s world-class packaging design and testing services including virtual computer simulations, primary and secondary packaging prototyping, forensic laboratory testing and transport simulation.

A scaled-down physical retail environment was also purpose-built by Amcor, including back-of-store, a mini-supermarket and point-of-sale check-out portal. A guided tour takes less than three hours and is divided into four key elements, including design, manufacture, distribution and sale, each held in different locations throughout Amcor’s Research and Technology unit.

Believed to be the first of its kind outside Europe and the USA, Retail 2010 was officially launched in early 2007 and feedback from retailers and customers has been positive.

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