An Australian first for Whole Kids

Organic snack manufacturer, Whole Kids, is the first Australian food company to be named a Certified B Corporation.

There are only 700 organisations in the world with this certification, which recognises businesses that work to solve social and environmental problems.

Whole Kids, together with other certified brands including Ben & Jerry’s, Patagonia, Etsy and Seventh Generation, now has to consider the social and environmental impact of its decisions on employees, suppliers, communities and consumers.

Whole Kids was founded by husband and wife team James and Monica Meldrum, and aims to provide healthy, nutritious snacks for children, sourcing 100 percent certified ingredients.

The pair also established One Percent for Our Kids, a non-profit organisation aiming to improve the health of children and the environment, based on a one percent contribution of Whole Kids' annual turnover.

"We seek to change the way families and children experience food and, in turn, experience their world," said James.

"We believe in ‘unjunking’ our lives and that wasteful materialism and consumerism needs to evolve to a more enlightened conscious consumption. Whole Kids seeks a world where businesses contribute positively to a more sustainable, more equitable and more respectful relationship with all stakeholders, not just shareholders."

Earlier this year, Monnica completed Food mag's Industry Map. Read about her impressive career here.


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