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An outrageously tasty cider: Lucky Duck cider

Product Name: Lucky Duck Apple Cider

Manufacturer: Lucky Duck Cider Company

Ingredients: Braeburn Apples, Yeast, Water, Sugar, Sulphites

Shelf life: 12 months

Packaging: Steve Benn

Product Manager: Shane Capron 0401 211 782 shane@luckyduckcider.com.

Website:   luckyduckcider.com

What the company says:


Meet Lucky!

Two little ducks set off one day over the hill and far away to hunt for the world’s finest Braeburn apples with the help of many friends they produced an outrageously tasty cider…


Colby Kitchin and Shane Capron are those two little ducks.

The young twenty something Melbournian cider lovers threw caution to the wind 18 months ago and set off on a passionate journey to make Melbourne’s very own apple cider.

Coming from very different backgrounds – Colby is an osteopath and Shane a marketer – together they bring a fresh enthusiasm to the alcohol industry.


Utilising the expertise of two local Victorian wine makers, Lucky Duck Apple Cider is made from Braeburn apples, renowned for their perfect combination of bitters and sharps.

The notable, yet restrained sweetness greets the drinker and eases them into the big apple bang mid palate, characteristic of Lucky Duck.

It’s crisp finish provides an overall refreshing experience, encouraging repeated encounters.


Bottled only 9 weeks ago Lucky Duck Apple Cider’s already impressing the locals. As a last minute entrant into the March Victorian Microbreweries Showcase Lucky Duck Apple Cider swept the pool beating 12 local ciders to take out both People’s Choice awards for Best Cider: Lucky Duck Apple Cider and Best Cider Producer: Lucky Duck.

 “We saw a gap in the Australian cider market for something bold, balanced and proudly local, so we went for it,” Capron said.

“People seem to love our story and want to get behind us, supporting the little guy. It’s got a little bit of a David vs. Goliath feel to it I suppose…. It definitely helps that the drink’s really tasty. ”

Cider Facts*

Cider sales increased by 35% in the past year

Sales outpaced all other alcoholic categories in Australia

Australian cider drinkers try to buy Australian made products and seek private label options

*All Australian cider market profile & facts sourced from the 2010 & 2011 Nielsen Alcoholic Cider Reports



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