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Ancient Grains – Power Protein Organic Sourdough

Product Name: Ancient Grains – Power Protein Organic Sourdough

Product Manufacturer: Bill's Certified Organic Health Bakery

Launch date: 10/06/15

Ingredients: Certified organic stoneground spelt flour and certified organic khorasan flour, filtered water, certified organic barley, certified organic buckwheat flour, certified organic millet flour, teff flour, certified organic sunflower oil, psyllium husk, lecithin and Himalayan pink rock salt.

Shelf Life: 6 days

Packaging: Fully degradable packaging made from polyethylene

Country of origin: Australia

Brand Website: www.billsorganics.com.au

What the company says:

This loaf is full of nutrient dense, conventional wheat free, performance enhancing and protein rich ancient grains. This bread is filled with a selection of high protein, calcium, vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre. We achieve this powerhouse of protein by blending certified organic khorasan and Spelt with Teff, Millet, Buckwheat and Barley.



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