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Angove Organic reports growth for Australian Organic Awareness Month

Angove Organic

This month is the annual Australian Organic Awareness Month, which continues to bring unprecedented growth in sales – including for Australian certified organic winemaker, Angove Organic. 

Angove Organic has seen 38 per cent year on year export growth as shoppers have aligned their tastebuds with good health.

The future introduction of a mandatory standard for using the word “organic” to market wine will help alleviate consumer concerns, according to Australian Organic CEO Niki Ford.

This is key, given Australia’s organic industry is estimated to contribute over $800 million of GDP in 2020, rising by a further 7.9 per cent during the pandemic.

“Buyers of organic goods should be able to have complete trust in the integrity of every single product they purchase, that’s why our Bud Logo has become a key proof point for what is truly Certified Organic,” Ford said. 

The Angove Organic vineyards have replaced chemical pesticides with Indian Runner Ducks, microbats and bees. The brand plays a role in the lives and health of millions of people worldwide, according to joint managing director Victoria Angove. 

“Australians have made it clear they are committed to doing better for people and planet, now acutely aware of the effect of the potential damage pesticides can have on our bodies and our environment,” Angove said. 

“COVID-19 has given us pause for thought to consider what is important to use to ensure a healthy future.” 

There is freedom working in certified organic vineyards as well, in removing the usual masks, gloves and protective gear to protect workers from synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers. 

“Angove Organic has come full circle from the days in the late 1800s when Dr William Angove, a medical doctor found himself experimenting with wine making, initially using it as a tonic for his patients to help with their ailments and support their health,” Angove Organic winemaker Tony Ingle said. 

“It is an honour to be on this journey with the 5th generation of the Angove family, as they strive to continue the legacy of their forefathers in leading the way to a healthier planet and better wine.” 

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