Another shellfish contamination scare in TAS

Sixty people have fallen sick after eating contaminated oysters in southern Tasmania.

They were infected by norovirus after eating the oysters. Norovirus often causes gastroenteritis.

All oysters from Barilla Bay Seafoods have been recalled from the market after health authorities identified the outbreak on Tuesday.

According to themercury.com.au, no one was hospitalised but some visited doctors and went to the Royal Hobart emergency department.

Barilla Bay Oysters general manager Justin Goc said the company is working closely with the Director of Public Health, Dr Roscoe Taylor on the matter.

No oyster products from Barilla Bay Oyster have been sold by Mure’s Lower Deck since March 30.

He has asked the public to throw any oysters they bought from the company on or before March 31, or from Mure’s Lower Deck between March 28 and March 30.

God said the oysters at lease 113 at Dunalley were exposed to an external environmental contamination and this issue is isolated to this lease.

The company will conduct a survey of the lease to examine the source of the contamination.

This is the second case of contaminated oysters in Tasmania in a week. Several people became ill last Thursday after eating oysters bought in south eastern Tasmania.

But health authorities have said the two cases are a coincidence.

These are not the first cases of shellfish contamination in Tasmania this year. In February, shellfish in Great Oyster Bay were tested after the return of a toxin-producing algal bloom, which damaged fisheries last year.

In November last year, Spring Bay Seafood’s shellfish farm in Tasmania closed, with Food Standards Australia New Zealand recalling its mussels. The mussels contained a paralytic shellfish toxin.

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