Anti-static flexible ducting for food manufacturers


Ducting specialist Eximo speed LOCK has launched FoodFlex AS-a flexible, anti-static polyether-polyurethane ducting solution with a stainless steel wire spiral that is designed to be used in a variety of food manufacturing applications, where dust and other food product generated abrasives have the potential to generate static electricity.

FoodFlex AS (the AS is for anti-static) is translucent, has a temperature resistance of – 40° up to + 100° C and is designed to be used for the suction and discharge of abrasive and granular materials commonly found in manufacturing applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
FoodFlex AS is resistant to chemical hydrolysis and a wide range of food-specific microbes, is lightweight, non-toxic and food safe according to US FDA-regulation 21 CFR 177.2600, while at the same time, FoodFlex AS is permanently anti-static (R ≤ 109 Ohm), and conforms to TRBS 2153 to provide excellent abrasion resistance and good all-round flexibility.
According to Eximo founder and Managing Director Roger Marriott, the launch of FoodFlex AS heralds yet another successful chapter in Eximo’s 31-year history of providing unique and cutting edge ducting solutions.

“We’ve launched a unique food safe and highly anti-static flexible ducting product designed to provide food manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand the safest and longest lasting environmental protection solution on the market, while also helping them keep both their workers and factories safe and secure from static electricity.”

“Nothing currently on the market compares with the anti-static capabilities, technical abilities and rugged reliability of FoodFlex AS, and once again, we have delivered industry a cutting edge safety solution that will safeguard both workers health and company profits.”



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