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APCO and Simply Cups launch new ARL logo

Australians now have access to recycling instructions on paper cups thanks to a partnership between APCO's (ARL) Program and Simply Cups.

Australians will now have access to recycling instructions on qualifying paper cups thanks to a recent partnership between the APCO’s Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) program and Simply Cups.

Simply Cups, acknowledged as an alternative destination under the ARL program, has introduced a distinctive drop off only logo on qualifying paper cups. This logo directs consumers to recycle their paper cup at one of more than 1,500 collection points across Australia.

The ARL is an on-pack label that provides consumers with easy-to-understand instructions about how to responsibly dispose of all parts of a product’s packaging.  The evidence-based label clearly identifies if an item of packaging belongs in the kerbside recycling, general waste bin or can be recycled by following a simple instruction.

Paper cups pose a significant recycling challenge in regular Australian kerbside collections due to their waterproof lining. Away-from-home programs like Simply Cups are now recognised as alternative destinations for paper cup disposal under the ARL.

These programs play a crucial role in managing packaging not accommodated by regular collection systems in Australia and/or New Zealand. Following collection, Simply Cups partners with reprocessesors who use innovative technologies to transform the used cups into new products like roads and lightweight concrete slabs, diverting them from landfill.

APCO CEO, Chris Foley, applauded the introduction of the drop off only logo, stating, “The Simply Cups program for paper cups is a fantastic initiative and we are delighted to be able to provide the public with clearer guidance and greater opportunities to recycle these products after use and away from home.”

Australian businesses selling proprietary paper cups can leverage the drop off only logo to promote cup recovery through the Simply Cups program, subject to APCO and ARL membership, and cup eligibility confirmed through a PREP assessment.

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