Applaws expands premium pet food range in Woolies

Applaws Pet Food has released four additional products which are now available in selected Woolworths stores nationally, following the growing success of the brand in its stores.

Tony Emmerson, GM at MPM Products/Applaws, said Australian pet owners want to feed their pets natural food from brands they can trust.

“Applaws’ mission is simple. We want every pet owner to have easy access to specialist quality pet food at a fair price – so that every pet can be their best,” said Emmerson.

“Pet food shelves are confusing and price does not always mean a better product. Our dry food is among the best quality on the supermarket shelves. More and more Aussies are realising this. Pet owners are telling us their wonderful success stories – this has been key to fuelling our success and the expansion of our range in grocery.”

Emmerson said each new food has a unique flavour profile, making it ideal for providing variety in a dog’s diet.

“We are now able to offer Woolworths shoppers a wider variety of flavours in our dry food and brand new on shelf will be the Applaws wet dog food which is designed to complement a dry food diet. Our wet food is made from 100% natural, human grade meat and we will even eat it ourselves to prove to people just how natural it is. There is nothing else on the pet food shelves like this,” he said.

The company promises natural products, grain-free dry food and only the finest quality of meat. The recipes do not contain fillers, additives or preservatives. All the ingredients used in each recipe are chosen for the benefit of dogs.

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