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Archie Rose releases six new ready-to-drink cans

Archie Rose adds new 100 per cent Australian-made pre-mix cans.

Archie Rose Distilling Co, has once again proven its innovative flair by adding six new 100 per cent Australian-made pre-mix cans featuring whisky, gin and vodka from their Fundamental Spirits range.

This includes two new Australian malt whisky cans featuring Archie Rose Double Malt Whisky, three new Australian gin cans featuring Archie Rose Straight Dry Gin and an updated Australian Vodka Soda can featuring Archie Rose True Cut Vodka.

Introducing fresh summer flavours along with native ingredients, bold designs and colours inspired by the Archie Rose Fundamental Spirits range plus a size upgrade into a 330ml format, the new cans provide people with the opportunity to finally choose pre-mix cans made from the highest quality Australian whisky, gin and vodka at an accessible price point.

The cans are vegan friendly with a lower sugar and calorie count and all-natural flavours.

The full range includes:

  • Archie Rose Australian Whisky With Dry Ginger Beer & Finger Lime
  • Archie Rose Australian Whisky With Smoked Cola & Blood Orange
  • Archie Rose Australian Gin & Mango Soda with Finger Lime
  • Archie Rose Australian Gin & Blackberry Soda with Lemon Myrtle
  • Archie Rose Australian Gin & Peach Soda with Passionfruit
  • Archie Rose Australian Vodka Soda with Finger Lime

“Our goal has always been to bring the highest quality Australian spirits to as many people as possible, this time through a new range of local, ready to drink pre-mix cans,” said founder, Will Edwards.

“We’re really excited that this now gives people the opportunity to enjoy whisky cans made with 100 per cent Australian malt whisky, as well as gin and vodka cans that hero Australian-made spirits and native ingredients.

“The cans are designed to be convenient and accessible, with bold, fresh flavours that come to mind when thinking ahead to summer.”

The new whisky and gin pre-mix cans are available in selected BWS, Dan Murphy’s, First Choice and Liquorland stores across Australia now, and launching at the Archie Rose Bar & Cellar Door and Archie Rose website. The Vodka Soda with Finger Lime pre-mix can will be available in 2024.

The Fundamental Spirits pre-mix can range includes 6x 330mls, 6 per cent Alc/Vol and 1.6 standard drinks per can.

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