Are Australians losing their sweet tooth?

A new report suggests Australian’s are consuming over 25 per cent less sugar now than 60 years ago.

The report, by Green Pool commissioned by Australian Sugar Refiners and CANEGROWERS, showed sugar consumption in 2011 was 42kg per person, down from 57kg per person in 1951.

Green Pool said it had taken all aspects of sugar consumption into account.

"Our calculations… include household use, processed foods and beverages, takeaways, convenience foods and restaurant meals," Green Pool spokesman Tom McNeill said.

"Imports and exports of sugar and sugar-containing manufactured foods and beverages were also assessed."
The report is the first independent assessment of sugar consumption trends since the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) stopped examining the field in 1999.

However, a recent review of breakfast cereal’s by CHOICE showed that the sugar content in kid’s cereal was still far too high. They reported that nine of the 10 most sugary cereals were products aimed at children. 

Thirty of the kid’s cereals examined showed very high sugar content containing 15g or more sugars per 100g.

CHOICE said that many cereals targeted specifically at children ‘have more in common with treat food than a nutritious breakfast.’

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