Are you using the outdoor yard space at your warehouse?

Are you using the outdoor yard space at your warehouse?

One of the biggest questions asked in the warehouse industry is, how can you boost warehouse efficiency without the cost and hassle of expanding? With industrial real estate prices skyrocketing, warehouse and distribution centres need to consider all options to optimise space and increase productivity.

According to Chris Littlewood from warehouse storage expert Combilft, many industrial businesses could be utilising their outdoor warehouse space more efficiently.

“For example, a lot of warehouses have extensive outdoor areas, yet these areas are not racked, and therefore not utilised at all for storage of finished products,” says Littlewood, who is the country manager for Combilift Australia.

“Similarly, there are areas within a facility that might not be optimised, such as creating mezzanine levels for storage of smaller items or parts.”

As a leader in logistics and materials handling solutions, Littlewood points out that Combilift provides its customers with innovative technology and design expertise to enhance workplace safety and optimise warehouse space, including outdoor yard areas.

“Combilift offers a range of handling solutions for outdoor yard areas. Whether it be a multi-directional forklift, for handling long product, or the use of a mobile gantry or straddle carrier for large items, the requirement for an overhead crane can be removed, which means the outdoor storage or yard space can be utilised more efficiently and effectively,” says Littlewood.

“Our solutions address several productivity issues experienced in the warehouse industry – namely by helping people in this sector take advantage of unused space and maximise their storage capacity. That means more finished product can be stored and available to meet rising customer demand.”

Andrew Walsh, chief executive officer at STEELINE, has experienced the benefits of Combilift’s range of multi-directional forklifts first-hand.

“We’re absolutely delighted with our Combilift multi-directional forklift trucks. Once our operators use one of these vehicles, they don’t want to go back to operating any other kind of forklift.”

The Australian-owned metal roofing and steel building product specialists manufacture and distribute a variety of steel structures. With safety being a concern needing to be addressed, the real push to adopt Combilift mulit-directional forklift trucks – which are designed to handle long loads – was also a very cost-effective decision for the distributor.

“With the cost of land being so high, it was economics that also attracted us to the Combilift forklift truck. It allows us to better utilise the space we have in a safe manner,” Walsh says.

The multi-dimensional forklift trucks have made such a substantial difference to the business that STEELINE has now changed all its racking and storage to take advantage of the capabilities that the Combilift product provides.

“In a world where warehouse space is at a premium, Combilift is revolutionising the industry with our innovative range of product,” concludes Littlewood.

“STEELINE is a great example of how this can be achieved and we invite any interested customers to get in touch with us so we can make recommendations to suit their specific business and warehousing requirements.”

For more information on Combilift’s range of products, visit here.

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