Arla introduces new dry blend lactose

European dairy group, Arla Foods Ingredients has developed a premium-quality lactose suitable for dry blends that enables infant formula manufacturers to efficiently increase production capacities without compromising on safety or cost.

The new dry blend lactose can increase capacity by up to 25 percent on existing production lines as the lactose can be introduced to the manufacturing process after the heat treatment and drying processes take place.  This leaves significantly more space available for other ingredients during the initial wet blend stage.

“Our dry blend lactose makes it possible for infant formula producers to increase output and reduce costs without compromising food safety. In addition, it is a CO2-neutral way to achieve this, ensuring companies can maintain their sustainability credentials while boosting their bottom line,” said Luis Cubel, sales director for Arla Foods Ingredients; permeate and lactose business.

Arla is currently expanding its lactose production capacity to guarantee steady supplies by investing in new facilities in Denmark and Germany that will increase lactose volumes from 35,000 tonnes to 135,000 tonnes, of which more than two thirds will be lactose suitable for dry blends. 


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