ART Dynamic Chain for package and parcel handling applications

Third-party logistics, parcel, e-commerce, distribution and manufacturing companies need to handle packages, boxes, cases, pouches and bags efficiently – with minimal to zero damage. Rexnord’s new ART Dynamic Chain is a suitable alternative to create dynamic behaviour in-line, with zero back-line pressure capabilities.

But what is ART Dynamic Chain? It is a Rexnord designed and developed conveyor chain that provides the ability to create multiple behaviours – zero back-line pressure, rotation, acceleration, deceleration, low-pressure accumulation, metering and sequencing – in a single conveyor design. This is unlike many other options available that require multiple conveyors to perform similar tasks on a production line.

Rexnord only provides the ART Dynamic Chain, which allows OEMs to incorporate their own design and engineering expertise to create their conveying systems. This means that OEMs can custom-build their conveyor to suit, while incorporating a chain system that allows many different types of product to be handled in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

The ART Dynamic Chain is activated by applying pressure on the activation cones located on the outer edges of the chain. When an actuator applies pressure from the top, the rollers roll backwards, creating a deceleration, brake or stoppage of the item being conveyed. When an actuator applies pressure from the bottom, the rollers roll faster, creating an acceleration of the item being conveyed.

ART Dynamic Chain can be activated with widely available mechanical devices and controls in conjunction with a conventional control interface. No proprietary training is required, which means OEMs can use accepted and recognised technology to activate the chain.

A single conveyor design with multiple behaviour capabilities can use the same actuation devices to rotate, accelerate, decelerate, meter and sequence at will, depending on application needs. This cuts down on time and allows for a more efficient working conveyor.

But what can the chain device handle? Quite a bit, according to the manufacturer, including boxes, cases, shrink-wrap, polybags, pouches, and many other shapes and sizes that are usually found using conveyors as a mode of transportation.

As mentioned, one of the key attributes of the system is its ability to do the job of several conveyors. A single conveyor design with multiple behaviour capabilities helps eliminate many individual conveyors, which not only reduces cost, but also the footprint of the system becomes much smaller than some other more complex and consequently more expensive systems currently available in the marketplace.

It also has enhanced gentle package and parcel handling with zero pressure capabilities, as well as flexible and full control on zero pressure behaviour when it handles diverse package and parcel mixes.

Applications for this smart package handling solution can be found across many industries including beverage, food and consumer products package handling in packer to palletiser (P2P) sections, as well as parcel handling in third-party logistics, e-commerce and warehousing arenas.


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