Asahi super dry shows off its new six pack

Asahi Super Dry has launched new packaging for its bottled 330ml product six pack baskets and cartons throughout Australia.

The new packaging was designed in Japan with the intention of creating a more premium feel to replicate the Asahi Super Dry brand positioning.

The Asahi Super Dry product itself remains completely unchanged offering exactly the same award winning beer with a fresh new exterior carton and six pack design. 

The bottle design remains unchanged. Michael Vousden, Beer and Cider Marketing Manager for Asahi Premium Beverages states: “The new Asahi Super  Dry packaging is sleek and  sophisticated,  mirroring  the qualities of the beer, in  line with our consumer base.” 

The revamped look is a refreshing update for the brand aesthetic and we look forward to getting it out into the market.”

”The new six pack and carton packaging is predominately black and showcases a  more simplistic  design, featuring the Asahi Super Dry logo and an image of the  bottle surrounded by crisp, ice cold vapour.  In comparison, previous packaging featured vibrant images and a red and white colour scheme.”

The minimalist and sophisticated new black and silver look complements the same great Asahi Super Dry product, offering a rich, full-flavoured beer with a refreshing after taste. “

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