Atkins launches new Plus Protein shake

In response to growing demand from consumers seeking healthier snacks to complement their high-protein, low-carb approach to eating, leading low-carb lifestyle brand Atkins has launched a new ready-to-drink protein shake – Plus Protein.

Available in three tasty flavours, dark chocolate, iced coffee and banana caramel, low-carb low-sugar Plus Protein contains a whopping 25g of protein per 400ml bottle, only 2.4 grams of carbohydrates and 2g of sugar, which compares favourably to currently available ready-to-drink alternatives on the Australian market.

By comparison, a 375ml Aussie Bodies’ Protein Revival ready-to-drink contains 29.7g of carbohydrates and 29g of sugar; while a 375ml Musashi P30 contains 27.8g of carbohydrates and 18.8g of sugar.

Atkins Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Richard Sullivan, says that as a brand at the forefront of low-carb eating, Atkins is well positioned to adapt to changing consumer preferences.  “We’ve noticed a growing desire from our customers who are looking beyond weight management to options to improve their overall health through smarter food and snacking options,” he said.

“The Atkins philosophy is based on encouraging consumers to ‘eat right, not less’. We anticipate Plus Protein will appeal to both male and female consumers, and we believe the low carbohydrate and sugar content, combined with the high protein content and outstanding flavours and texture will make Plus Protein a popular pick for those looking for excellent nutritional value as well as great taste for pre or post-workout snacking, or an easy option on the go,” he added.

“Protein is a key factor helping many consumers reach their health and fitness goals, especially in the ready-to-drink and snack foods category. Sports performance drink buyers are looking for a higher protein content in their ready-to-drink purchases, particularly dairy-based protein. Additionally, the good fats in Plus Protein help keep people satiated, eliminating cravings for unhealthy high-carb or high-sugar alternatives,” said Sullivan.

Plus Protein will stand out on the shelves thanks to a strong, solid blue packaging design with a convenient screw cap which has been created to target the sports performance category as well as consumers purchasing weight management ready-to-drink options.

“Our key message for 2019 is to ‘Choose Wisely’, and we’re committed to educating consumers about making smart dietary choices and improving their health by avoiding excess carbohydrates and sugar rather than dieting,” said Sullivan.

Atkins brand ambassador, US actor Rob Lowe, has been living the Atkins low-carbohydrate lifestyle for many years. “I want to help people understand that living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great-tasting food. It’s just about making small decisions that lead to big results,” he advised.

Atkins Nutritionals supports a growing community who choose to embrace the Atkins low-carb approach as a lifestyle choice for both improved health and weight management. The brand’s website provide low-carb recipes, planning tools, weight loss tips and a supportive forum providing plenty of real-world inspiration from those successfully living the low-carb lifestyle.

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