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ATP Science collagen bar sales boom in new Woolworths deal


In an unprecedented demonstration of market take up, ATP Science (ATP) has confirmed Woolworths sold through its initial order of 200,000 NOWAY Collagen Jelly Bars. 

Only recently, the health and wellness brand confirmed a million-dollar deal with Woolworths which saw 200,000 bars catapulted into every major store across the country. Within four weeks of stock hitting shelves, Woolworths began requesting multiple re-orders to meet skyrocketing consumer demand. 

ATP CEO Geoff Cockerill was appointed to propel the brand across new markets and channels, saying that the recent feat was surprising but not entirely unexpected. 

“In under four weeks, to sell through the first orders of the bars is testament to the quality of the products and the support we’ve had from Woolworths,” Cockerill said. “ATP Science was prepared for this uptake and had the necessary preparations ready to facilitate the influx of numerous orders simultaneously. 

“We were also seeing high sales figures across our supplement sport and health store partners and our e-commerce site… Before we knew it, the product had met our highest growth targets in under four weeks.” 

According to Cockerill, the NOWAY Collagen Jelly Bar is one of the most unique food products available in the market. The brand’s sold-out status and initial multi-million-dollar deal is just the beginning of its plans to scale globally. 

“Eventually we plan to take these bars and make them accessible to a global marketplace, but to achieve this, we must first satisfy our loyal Aussie customers,” he said. 

The visibility of the brand and the bars in recent weeks has triggered new discussions with other customers and investment partners. 

“ATP Science has been a leader in the sports and nutrition category and is trusted by the industry for its world-class products, processes and values,” Cockerill said. 

“I have big plans for this company; founded and based in Brisbane, the team has been taking a sizeable bite out of the market, and I don’t think it’s out of the question to think this will be a billion-dollar venture in the future.” 

ATP Science products are Australian-made in Meadowbrook, Queensland and their ten year legacy is reflected through their range of more than 40 leading wellness products. 

Cockerill said the ability for the business to manufacture and supply these products from their custom built facility was owing to its team of experts comprising chemists, chefs, naturopaths and experienced research and development operators. 

“Our world-class team operates out of a world-class $20 million facility, made possible through a combination of government funding support, including from the Federal Manufacturing Modernisation Fund, and our investors,” he said. 

Establishing the facility two years ago, married co-founding team behind ATP Science, Jeff and Toni Doidge, began intensive R&D trials for a new hero product that saw them experimenting with a new recipe which proved challenging. 

Interestingly, the bar that Australians are now snapping off the shelves was created in the process, an entirely different recipe that resulted from the ‘happy accident.’ 

“While Toni and Jeff were in trial for one product, they found that a jelly component of the recipe wasn’t really working with the overall vision, but they realised the shortfall could actually be a whole new innovation,” Cockerill said. 

“That jelly they discovered became the uniqueness behind the NOWAY Collagen Jelly Bar. Identifying the right ingredients to perfect the texture, taste, and stability of a product is core to creating successful products. A mistake became magic under a different recipe, and it has since been perfected and bolstered by the highest quality ingredients that work with the gut more effectively.” 

The product is amped by 20g of protein (hydrolysed collagen peptide, the best quality you can get), high in fibre, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free and contains no casein whey. 

Casein whey, which is listed as a core ingredient in many market-leading health brands selling protein bars, is linked with gut inflammation, digestive discomfort, and cognitive disfunction. ATP Science base their recipes and products on evidence based scientific research and test every ingredient that goes in their bars for optimal quality assurance, avoiding these irritable ingredients and opting for more natural sources of nutrition. Enter, collagen protein. 

“When sourced at the highest grade, collagen protein is invaluable in the body,” Cockerill said. “When you pair it with a lot of soluble fibre which is missing from so many Australian diets, you’re getting a product that’s scientifically working with your body to better your gut. 

“When our gut is working optimally, we feel better, think better and perform better, and we’re delighted to be hearing more feedback from customers about how good they think the bars taste and how good they feel after eating them.” 

The success of the bars will continue with the brand set to reveal three new flavours variations before Christmas. 

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