AUSPACK 2009 to introduce new Bioplastics Pavilion

AUSPACK will be introducing a new Bioplastics Pavilion in 2009 to further enhance the visitors’ experience and educational opportunities over the four day exhibition.

The Bioplastics Pavilion will consist of members of the Australasian Bioplastics Association (ABA); which is the representative body for the bioplastics industry in Australia and NZ; as European Bioplastics is in Europe and BPI in North America.

The ABA is key for development of standards for recognition of this class of materials.

The leading Bioplastics companies that will be exhibiting on the pavilion and bringing together significant expertise and solutions under one roof are:

  • Biograde,
  • BioPak,
  • Innovia Films,
  • NatureWorks,
  • Plantic Technologies, and
  • Plastral.

According to Plastral Business Manager Specialty Plastics & Bioplastics, Warwick Hall, the Pavilion at AUSPACK 2009 will provide an opportunity for the bioplastics industry to present their broad range of products, properties and applications while allowing each individual exhibitor to highlight their particular technologies and solutions.

“The packaging industry is increasingly being asked to use products that have a renewable resource component and are biodegradable and compostable. The AUSPACK Bioplastics Pavilion will enable members of the industry to see an extensive range of products and technologies that are available in Australia,” Hall said.

According to BioPak Director, Richard Fine, the bioplastics industry has developed rapidly in recent years: companies are expanding their production capacities and product offerings.

“We believe that the Pavilion will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase our range of bioplastic materials and to educate consumers and business on what progress has been made with biopolymers and the potential applications for bioplastics in packaging,” Fine said.

“This will be the first time to visit a single area where interested people can view a complete line-up of the World’s most innovative bioplastic packaging materials and easily compare the individual features and functionality of different solutions.

“The Bioplastics Pavilion will also demonstrate BioPak’s commitment to the local industry and shows that we are part of an united organisation who’s aims and objectives are to develop this emerging sector based on an ethical and agreed set of standards that do not mislead the consumer nor misrepresent the environmental benefits of using these materials and to work with all relevant parties from local councils to the waste management industry to educate consumers on the best disposal options and to develop the local disposal infrastructure,” he said.

According to Plantic CEO, Brendan Morris, they decided to join the Pavilion because it will provide a platform in which Plantic, together with other companies, can collectively raise the profile of bioplastics and communicate the challenges of the industry to their customers.

“Being a part of this pavilion enables Plantic to engage with AUSPACK visitors, and our customers, and reward them with a valuable experience, through which they can meet with us face-to-face to have any questions or queries answered,” Morris said.

Innovia Films sales and marketing manager, Alan Adams, added that having all of the Bioplastics exhibitors in one location will provide a focal point at AUSPACK 2009 for the ‘hot topic’ of the packaging industry.

“AUSPACK 2009 will be the first time that all of the key players in the bioplastics industry will be together in one location. Visitors will be able to get a great appreciation of the capabilities of the relatively new materials and see how far this side of the packaging industry has really come,” Adams said.

“Innovia Films will benefit by having other industry partners alongside to show the industry that bioplastics are serious and have a rapidly developing role in the plastics market. The AUSPACK Bioplastics Pavilion will be a unique attraction in 2009,” he said.

According to NatureWorks LLC managing director Asia Pacific, Peter Clydesdale, “Ingeo bioplastic has redefined an industry that traditionally has relied on oil as its primary raw material.

“Given the advent of global warming concerns, and oil’s fluctuating prices and limited supply, we know that bioplastics represents a small step in the right direction in addressing these critical issues longer term,” Clydesdale said.

“Ingeo biopolymer (generic name polylactic acid) made by NatureWorks LLC is the only commercially-scaled biopolymer in production and commercial use today. NatureWorks are pleased to be working with ABA to promote the bioplastics industry more broadly in Australia. Moreover, Australia is a growing market for NatureWorks with many new application initiatives being developed by our local partners.

“New products in Australia include Ingeo water bottles by Cool Change, Ingeo shampoo and conditioner bottles by Natures Organic’s, as well as nonwoven applications such as diapers and wet / dry wipes,” Clydesdale added that the Bioplastics Pavilion at AUSPACK 2009 will demonstrate what type of bio-based materials and products are available today to both improve one’s carbon footprint and also enable companies to take a small step towards becoming more responsible product suppliers.

“Consumers also expect brands to take a small step on their behalf so that they get offered more choices to shop in a more responsible way,” he said.

“The Pavilion will offer AUSPACK 2009 visitors a unique experience because there will be six different companies – Plantic Technologies, Plastral, Innovia Films, NatureWorks, Biograde and BioPak – exhibiting at this stand, ultimately providing variety for visitors like never before,” Morris said.

“The Bioplastics Pavilion will be manned by industry and trade professionals from each of these six companies who are well-equipped to assist visitors with their enquiries and who are able to provide detailed information about the differences between the products. The products that will be displayed are in themselves unique — they offer customers an ‘environmentally friendly’ alternative to conventional plastics.” he said.

“AUSPACK visitors will have a chance to learn about new applications, and the wide range of materials available. The Bioplastics Pavilion will provide visitors with an understanding of the different properties of these polymers and allow them to match them with potential packaging applications,” Fine said.

AUSPACK will be held at the Sydney Showgrounds, Sydney Olympic Park, from Tuesday the 16th through to Friday the 19th of June 2009.

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