AUSPACK 2017 connecting visitors with exhibitors

AUSPACK has launched MATCHMAKE, a new service for the 2017 show that is intended to optimise visitors’ time and enable them to get the most out of the show.

The service gives visitors personalised content based on their interests when they register. It allows them to “favourite” exhibitors and pre-arrange meetings before the show. This way, attendees will already have a set meeting time with exhibitors, so they confidently know they can discuss their needs when it suits them during the show. For those who have limited time to spend at AUSPACK or to plan meetings, this service will be invaluable.

Cristina Neagu, Event Executive with Exhibitions and Trade Fairs (ETF), the organisers of AUSPACK, said, “We’re really excited about MATCHMAKE because we know the value it will give to visitors, but also to exhibitors, who will have potential leads already lined up before AUSPACK even starts next month.”

Neagu said new technology was a feature across AUSPACK 2017.

“AUSPACK 2017 features an enormous amount of technology — the most of any show to date. This includes the customer service robot AMY and on-site augmented reality experience;  MATCHMAKE is certainly adding to the breadth of technology that will enhance attendees’ experiences.”

How does it work?

Step 1: Register for AUSPACK.

Step 2: An email from registration supplier LUP will give access to the service.

Step 3: Users log in to their profile to access customised information and set up meetings.

Neagu said the service is also available through the official AUSPACK 2017 Show app. “In the portal, attendees also have access to listings of exhibitors, products, brands and by vertical market. On top of the automatic suggestions, they can select an exhibitor as a ‘favourite’, as well as set up meetings,” she said.

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