AUSPACK: The countdown is on – just one month to go


There is just 1 month to go until the industry magnet for the southern hemisphere AUSPACK opens in Melbourne. Embodying the innovation of the processing and packaging industry, make sure you’re there to see the leading companies unveiling the latest technology and hear from the experts in person. 

Have you registered for the expo? Register here: https://www.auspack.com.au/register

Take the lead with a fully flexible conference program

New for 2022, the AUSPACK Leaders’ Forum is a program of high-end, keynote presentations and panel discussions designed for key decision makers in the processing and packaging industries. 

Our fully flexible program is designed to allow you to take control and pack your day with the content most relevant to YOU. Take your pick from a variety of sessions across the 2 day event to build the agenda that works for you.  

Prices start from $150 a session. Pick and pack your agenda across the forum or join us for the whole event with a 2-day ticket.  


Our Business Breakfast Sessions allow you to: 

  • Uncover the trends your organisation absolutely needs to know to build your strategy for 2022; and
  • Develop organisational flexibility and agility and discuss why it’s the key to responding to changing market conditions. 

*Breakfast included.

Our Mid Morning Sessions allow you to: 

  • Discuss the packaging Industry’s responsibility when it comes to waste and how it’s tracking; and
  • Discover the initiatives your organisation can harness to grow and scale as part of the new eCommerce economy.  

Our Leaders Lunch Sessions allow you to:  

  • Uncover the insights within the Industry 4.0 toolbox to build a competitive advantage; and
  • Explore how traceability will improve efficiency, resilience and competitiveness.  

*Lunch included.

Our Afternoon Sessions will allow you to: 

  • Explore the opportunities that exist for the processing. Packaging and manufacturing industries; and
  • Discover how to future proof your workforce and ensure growth, diversity and competitive edge through human talent.  

Build your agenda today. Purchase your Leaders’ Forum Conference ticket here: https://www.auspack.com.au/leaders-forum-tickets  

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