Aussie beef ruled out in Japanese E coli outbreak

Posted by Rita Mu

Japanese health authorities have ruled out Australian beef as the source of a recent E coli outbreak, which left at least 15 people ill.

On 6 May, 20 people who had dined at Korean-style barbecue restaurants in Japan’s Toyama prefecture were reported sick, with 15 of the victims falling sick from O157, a strain of E coli.

The owners of the Korean restaurant suggested Australian beef as the source of contamination. 

However, Meat and Livestock Australia’s Regional Manager Melanie Brock told ABC News Online today that investigations carried out by Japanese health authorities revealed no traces of E coli contamination in Australian beef.

The outbreak in Japan follows a recent situation in Europe, where more than 1000 people in 11 countries fell sick from E coli contamination. According to ABC News Online, 23 people have so far died from the outbreak in Europe.

Experts have said the E coli strands in Europe and in Japan are different.

The sources of E coli contamination in both regions are currently under investigation.  

Image: harmanadesign.com

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