Aussie company wins clean air contract for US brewery

Aeris Atlantic LLC (Aeris’ subsidiary on the east coast of USA) has won its first service contract in the brewing industry with The Boston Beer Company, Inc.

Boston Beer is America’s leading brewer of handcrafted, full-flavored beers and brewer of the renowned Samuel Adams range of beers.

The initial contract is for the application of the AerisGuard Air-Conditioning Performance Solution to Boston Brewery’s newly acquired facility in Pennsylvania. The brewery has been idle for several years and the air-conditioning system had become fouled with commonly occurring biological contamination and this had resulted in a significant impact on system efficiency and particularly reduced air-flow and poor temperature control.

Boston Beer chose the AerisGuard system due to its unique ability to restore efficiency by environmentally removing the contamination build-up and then protecting the system from recontamination.

Application of the AerisGuard technology at this facility is anticipated to generate over US$200,000 to Aeris over the next 12 months as well as opening up additional opportunities in the large brewing industry in the USA.

Aeris Environmental Ltd is an environmental services company focusing on the international environmental hygiene and system performance market. The Company has three core patented technologies centered on multi-enzyme biofilm removal solutions, residual anti-microbial coatings and corrosion protection coatings. Aeris has developed products for application in the air-conditioning and refrigeration service and manufacturing industries together with the large water treatment market.

The AerisGuard Performance Solutions clean and protect air-conditioning and refrigeration systems from commonly occurring bacterial and mould contamination problems. Systems protected by AerisGuard provide significant equipment efficiency, energy reduction, human health and asset management benefits.

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