Aussie mangoes and lychees bound for US market

Changes to import regulations could see Australian mangoes and lychees destined for the United States.

The news has been widely welcomed by Aussie producers, however some growers have said that the high cost of the fruit, which has proven to be a challenge in the past, may still present a barrier, ABC Rural reports.

"In access terms, we probably now have got most of the ones we want to get – the US, New Zealand, China and Japan," said Far North Queensland Grower, Joe Moro.

"The problem we've had up until this point in time is we are a high-cost producer and it's more developing that premium end of the market, that's where the Australian mango has run into a barrier.

"We have good acceptance of our product once it gets into that market, high quality, and most people that try our mangoes love 'em, but our problem is that we are right at the top end of the market and we have a lot of competitors."

Moro said that while it may take time before Australian exporters see the benefits of supplying to the states, the industry will benefit greatly in the long term.

 “It's something we've worked at for a long time. A lot of people see the USA as a jewel in the crown… it's a great result but it will be long-term before we see the real benefits, I think."

"Any market we open is great, because it takes pressure off the domestic market, and as most growers in Mareeba, probably across Australia, would say, we need to be realistic about what we can achieve."

The Produce Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand expects mango exports to reach 1,200 tonnes annually once they have been treated to US standards.


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