Aussies prefer glass packaging

Australians love their food and beverages, and according to new research, they love them even more in glass packaging.

Consumer research conducted by O-I Glass released this week shows almost 90 per cent of Australians believe glass packaging best demonstrated high quality food products, and over three-quarters prefer their beverages in glass as compared to anything else.

Over 600 people were surveyed in the research, which also found over 70 per cent of people consider packaging important in their decision on whether to buy products.

Three-quarters of those surveyed believe glass packaging it the most natural and healthy and is less likely to change or impact a product’s taste.

Almost the same number of people believe glass is the most eye-catching on a shelf.

Brian Slingsby, General Manager O-I Australia said the results showed the reasons Australians prefer glass are varied.

“The research clearly reveals that glass packaging is preferred by consumers across multiple catagories, beating other forms of packaging on a number of important attributes including recyclability, transparency and the ability of glass to preserve the flavour of foods and beverages,” he said.

“Packaged products available on the supermarket shelves to not necessarily reflect what Australian consumers want.

“This provides a real opportunity for brand owners to use more glass packaging to create a point-of-difference and appeal in competitive market segments such as packaged fruits and vegetables.”

Slingsby said the overseas research showed using glass in new markets can make a difference to a company’s success.

“Our Brazilian customer OLE Foods converted its corn product to tin cans to glass packaging and its market share grew from four to 11 per cent, providing clear evidence of the important role glass packaging can play in helping products appeal to customers.”

Image: Tree Hugger

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