Aussies prefer the punch of boutique beer

An increasing number of Australians are drinking craft brewed beer, which now accounts for 10% of total premium beer sales.

Following the success of brands such as Little Creatures and James Squires Amber Ale, one beer loving Aussie is hoping to box his way into the market with a new brew for the more discerning drinker.

According to the newly formed Rocks Brewing Company’s managing director, Mark Fethers, “Australians have been turning up their tongues to their once sacred sparkling lager and have developed a bigger appetite for punchier boutique brews.

“We are hoping to capitalise on this trend and later this week will release a new red ale brewed specifically to tantalise more sophisticated taste buds,” said Fethers.

“The rapid growth in the craft beer market has been driven by the emergence of microbreweries across the nation and last year accounted for $48 million in sales.

“Interestingly, it is more of a resurgence of ale than a birth of a new Aussie beer breed. The first beers brewed in Australia soon after the run rebellion were ales. This was before refrigeration and before cold filters that resemble the great lagers of today,” explained Fethers.

“Each of our beers will be dedicated to convicts or other infamous figures found in the Rocks area.

“Our first beer, Byrne’s Red Ale, carries the name of an Irish born Catholic, Richard ‘Boxing’ Byrne, a passionate bare-knuckle fighter. Byrne was arrested in 1798 for defending Ireland against 700 years of English domination. He was later exiled to Australia and settled in The Rocks. His descendants still live in Sydney today.

“The red ale evokes some of the early traditions of Australian brewing and being named after a bear-knuckle boxer it still packs a punch for the more traditional drinker.”

Craft beer has grown more than 9% each year for the past five years, and to date has been dominated by Little Creatures with $7.2 million in sales and James Squires Amber Ale with $6.3 million.

Sydney Rocks Brewery’s Red Ale will be launched to the public on 22 October at 6pm at The Australian Heritage Hotel, 100 Cumberland Street, The Rocks, Sydney, and will be available during the Australian Beer Festival that runs from 25 to 26 October at The Australian Heritage Hotel.

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