Australasia Scotch Whisky market set to decline, Asia to grow

Australian craft scotch whisky makers would be wise to eye the Asian export market, as the latest Vinexpo report by the International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR) predicts it will enter new growth after three difficult years.

Malt Scotch, benefiting from its craft and provenance credentials, will continue to erode share of premium blended Scotch, according to the IWSR, a London-based industry research group.

The report noted that a slowdown in North America, Russia and Australasia will drag down category performance, but strong growth in Asia and Latin America will bring overall year-on-year growth.

From their smaller base, malts are forecast to grow faster than blends.

The report noted that the higher price segments continue to gain market share. North America and Asia will see the fastest development of malt Scotch over the forecast period.



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