Australia and Japan consuming more Fairtrade alcohol

Research conducted by the market research group, Datamonitor, highlighted the growth of Fairtrade activity within Australia and Japan.

The Australian and Japanese Fairtrade alcoholic beverage markets represent the largest share of sales across the Asia-Pacific region, with an estimated growth of 18 percent and 15 percent respectively, year on year to 2014, according to Datamonitor.

Katrina Diamonon, a consumer insight analyst at Datamonitor said: “Over the last year, we have seen a flurry of activity in Fairtrade wine globally, despite the economic pressures being faced by consumers.
“This activity has driven by an increase in the quality of Fairtrade wines, as well as the awareness of the concept as a whole.”

Fairtrade labelling, according to Ms Diamonon, has helped develop consumer trust and has assisted this growth in the Asia Pacific.

“There is the social aspect of drinking to consider and what the brand we drink says about us.

“As more than half of us place considerable importance on choosing brands that match our outlook and attitudes on life, it would be fair to assume that with increased publicity around ethicality, choosing a Fairtrade bottle of wine is becoming more fashionable.”

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