Australia and New Zealand: Second in the world in 2022 WorldStar Packaging Awards

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) announced that Australian and New Zealand companies received the second highest amount of WorldStar Packaging Awards in the world behind Germany; with Japan 3rd and China 4th.

The global packaging design competition attracted over 440 entries from 37 countries which represented a 30 per cent increase in submissions. 36 judges from across the globe deliberated over the 440 submissions and determined 240 winners for the 2022 round of the awards program.

ANZ PIDA Award winners have been internationally recognised with 27x awards across 12x categories in the prestigious WorldStar Packaging Awards, which are run by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO).

This is the highest amount of awards that have ever been won for ANZ, which is an outstanding achievement and recognition for the innovations that are being developed in this region.

Only companies that have won Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design (PIDA) Awards are eligible to enter the WorldStar Packaging Awards.

The categories where ANZ designs were recognised include Food, Beverage, Labelling & Decoration, Health & Personal Care, Household, Packaging Materials & Components, Transit, eCommerce, Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Electronics, Medical & Pharmaceutical and Other.

Wellman Packaging received 4x awards for Squeezepak sauce bottle and Colgate Palmolive, Zipform Packaging received 1x for Pana Organics and 1x for rPUMP, Sealed Air received 1x for Junee Lamb and 1x for NZ Post Jiffy Shortuff mailer, O F Packaging received 1x for Brookfarm and 1x for Zero Co, Planet Protector Packaging received 3x for Vaccine Protector, Omni Group received 3x for VentX Unico and CHEP Australia received 2x for the 1/6th Retail Ready pallet.

The 2022 WorldStar Packaging Award winners for Australia and New Zealand are:

WorldStar Packaging Awards Food Category:

  • Brookfarm Kerbside Roll N Recycle stand up pouch – O F Packaging
  • The Collective 100% rPET drinking yoghurt bottle – Pact Group
  • Chobani Yoghurt cup – PakPot
  • Junee Lamb & Sealed Air for CRYOVAC Total Bone Guard
  • Squeezepak squeezy sauce bottle – Wellman Packaging
  • Woolworths paper seal Meat Tray

WorldStar Packaging Awards Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Category: NEW CATEGORY

•                     VentX Unico – Omni Group

WorldStar Packaging Awards Beverage Category:

  • Melbourne Coffee -Cyclpac
  • Schultz Organic Dairy- Rhima Australia

WorldStar Packaging Awards Labelling & Decoration Category:

  • Pana Organic Drink Blends – Zipform Packaging

WorldStar Packaging Awards Household Category:

  • Cove – Natures Organics
  • Zero Co – O F Packaging
  • Colgate Palmolive – Wellman Packaging

WorldStar Packaging Awards Packaging Materials & Components Category:

  • Blue Harvest Oyster Tray – BioPak
  • VentX Unico – Omni Group
  • Edgell Super Crunch Delivery Carton – Simplot Australia
  • Colgate Palmolive – Wellman Packaging
  • Squeezepak squeezy sauce bottle – Wellman Packaging

WorldStar Packaging Awards Health & Personal Care Category:

  • Dove 50% rHDPE bodywash bottles – Pact Group
  • Vaccine Protector – Planet Protector Packaging

WorldStar Packaging Awards Medical & Pharmaceutical Category:

  • Vaccine Protector – Planet Protector Packaging

WorldStar Packaging Awards Electronics Category:

  • Telstra packaging design system – Birdstone Collective

WorldStar Packaging Awards eCommerce Category: NEW CATEGORY

  • NZ Post & Sealed Air for Jiffy recycled Shortuff mailer

WorldStar Packaging Awards Transit Category:

  • 1/6th Retail Ready pallet – CHEP Australia
  • VentX Unico – Omni Group
  • Vaccine Protector – Planet Protector Packaging

WorldStar Packaging Awards Other Category:

  • rPump – Zipform Packaging

The full list of 2022 WorldStar Packaging Award winners are available to view on 

The WorldStar Special Awards, of which there are a number of ANZ entries, will not be announced until the 2022 WorldStar Awards ceremony which will be held in Milan, Italy in May.

Applications for the 2022 Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards will be open in late January. The PIDA Awards are the exclusive feeder program for Australia & New Zealand for the WorldStar Packaging Awards.

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