Australia approves importation of Pakistani mangoes

Pakistani mangoes will soon be stocked in Australian supermarkets and fruit stores following approval from the Australian Department of Agriculture and Forestry (DAFF).

Ahmad Jawad CEO of Pakistani exporting company, Harvest Trading said that the approval has come after a long and sustained effort by Pakistani mango exporters and government officials.

Although Australia is a major mango producing country, the Nation’s season does not commence until November/ December.  The importation of Pakistani mangoes would allow Australian to have access to the summer fruit much sooner.

Jawad admits that importing the fruit to Australia will not come without its challenges.

“Major problems during [the] export process to Australia will be logistic tariffs which may push overall cost of the fruit. Currently [there] are no direct flights to Australia from Pakistan and this results in enhanced cargo rates for the export material,”

Jawad says that Australians should expect to see the Pakistani fruit available in stores ‘very soon’.  

The approval of Pakistani mangoes follows a similar decision made last month which saw the introduction of US stone fruit into Australia for the first time.



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