Australia must be part of the global packaging community

Australia can’t operate in a vacuum, and must be part of the global market, Ralph Moyle, president at the Australian Institute of Packaging explains.

We all know the words and have sung them countless times: “We’ve golden soil and wealth for toil; Our home is girt by sea.” This extract from our proud Advance Australia Fair anthem remind us of our richness and isolation. But as our manufacturing base continues to shrink, we must be alert to the core fact that we are part of the global community and not just the “Land Down Under”- whether we like it or not.

The global market is not uniform or always fair. Every region has its own challenges and opportunities. Australia does share some of the trends of the global market, but not all of them. Globally, the demand from emerging markets is a growth area while low growth, low investment and price conscious consumers limit traditional markets.

Australia is a mature market and many local manufacturers are challenged by the high Australian dollar. Aspects that affect packaging performance in the manufacturing, supply chain as well as retail sectors will continue to be important as companies zone in on getting more out of every section of their business for less cost. With this directive, lighter, faster, consistent materials and designs will succeed. The usual features of being environmentally friendly, retailer friendly and accessable to a wider group of consumers are no longer exceptions but the rule and are necessities in being accepted by today’s very educated and discerning consumer.

World Packaging Organisation: National Technical Forum
The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) is assisting our manufacturing community by reinforcing the importance of packaging as a strategic social, economic and commercial tool. Several years ago, the AIP became an active member of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), thus becoming part of the global packaging community.

We now have the WPO in Sydney as part of our National Technical Forum at AUSPACK PLUS 2013 on Thursday,  9 May. The AIP is bringing together remarkably diverse cultures that are eager to learn from each other on how to employ and improve packaging for their people. The WPO board members will be our presenters at the not-to-be-missed National Technical Forum.

With the theme ‘Global Packaging Trends’ and international speakers from the World Packaging Organisation coming to present from countries incluincluding Brazil, Austria, India, South Africa, Indonesia and the United States of America, the AIP National Technical Forum will be a must-attend event on the 2013 calendar.

Speakers and topics
Keith Pearson, general secretary, World Packaging Organisation will be speaking about ‘Discovering the missing link: sustainable advances in the packaging supply chain.’ Pearson is based in South Africa. 
Patrick Farrey, executive director, Institute of Packaging Professionals, will be presenting a paper on ‘Economical, social and ecological aspects of packaging and the American market potential.’ Farrey is based in the United States of America.

Dr Johannes Bergmair, head of Life Science, Food Packaging, Pharmaceutical and Medical Products, will be discussing ‘Packaging and food safety: the Global Approach.’ Dr Bergmair is based in Austria.

Thomas L Schneider, CPP, president, World Packaging Organisation, will be talking about ‘WPO: A global advantage.’ Schneider is also based in the United States of America.

Ariana Susanti, business development director, Indonesian Packaging Federation, will be presenting a paper on ‘Global trends in packaging in Indonesia and within the region.’ Susanti is based in Indonesia. 

Professor Narayan Saha, director & principal executive officer, Indian Institute of Packaging, will present a paper on ‘Economical, social and ecological aspects of packaging and the Indian market potential.’ Professor Saha is based in India.

Luciana Pellegrino, executive director, ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association will be presenting a paper on ‘Packaging and marketing: global approach.’ Pellegrino is based in Brazil.

How to attend
The 2013 AIP National Technical Forum is open to members and non-members and there are limited seats available. Visit our events section on www.aipack.com.au for an online booking form.

There is a big wide world of global packaging out there and every manufacturer, big or small, has something to learn. So please join us at the National Technical Forum and share in this very valuable experience.


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