Australia opposes UK Manuka naming decision

The Australian Manuka Honey Association (AMHA), a group of some of Australia’s largest Manuka honey manufacturers, is fighting a decision by the United Kingdom Trade Mark Registry to allow a New Zealand group to trademark the term Manuka Honey. 

The AMHA opposes the decision, yet to be published by the UK Trade Mark Registry, stating it is an attempt to monopolise international naming or market rights.

The association has engaged legal representation in the UK to act swiftly in refuting the attempt to trade mark ‘Manuka’ – honey it says has been produced in Australia naturally since records started being kept in the 1800’s.

“Given our inability to take part in the UK trade mark registry conversations and the significance of the misinformation provided, legal action is our only option and not one we wished to pursue” said Paul Callander, Managing Director of Manuka Life and the Australian Manuka Honey Association’s inaugural Chairman.

The Registry does not deal with other interested parties until after it decides to allow a trademark.

Australia has more than 80 Manuka species in comparison to New Zealand, which has only one, the AMHA said.

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