Australia prepares for Cheese Olympics

Two of the country’s most respected and passionate cheese experts have been brought together to represent Australia on the world stage for the very first time at the prestigious International Caseus Awards in Lyon, France on 23 and 24 January.

Nick Haddow (Tasmania) and Richard Thomas (Victoria) have been selected to participate in the two day event which tests theoretical knowledge, palate subtlety and practical skills.

The trip is made possible by Australia’s leading specialty cheese retailer, the Smelly Cheese Shop — which will provide the team’s official training base at the Central Market store in Adelaide.

Team manager, Valerie Henbest (Adelaide), as the official Caseus representative was given the task of selecting the Australian team and is confident that they will make an outstanding ‘first up’ impression.

Going through their paces before the big event, they will prepare for the seven different tests held in the competition which include; setting up a cheese display, blind tasting, sales pitch, cheese cutting, wrapping and packing and multiple choice test.

They will also be required to present a selection of Australian cheeses to the international jury.

Nick Haddow, who is returning to his home town of Adelaide for the intensive training, said that “it is great to see Australia competing in such a prestigious event and it is an honour for me to be selected.”

The team heads off on 15th January to travel through France and meet some of the world’s finest cheese makers before arriving in Lyon.

12 countries compete in the competition which has been held bi-annually since 2005.

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