Australian Agrifood Science Portal launched by AIFST and partners

Australian Agrifood Science Portal

In celebration of National Science Week’s theme for this year – “Food: Different by Design” – the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) have launched its Australian Agrifood Science Portal. 

In collaboration with AIFST’s partners, the Portal was designed to support school agrifood science educators through access to resources, programs and ideas to inspire and engage students. 

AIFST contributed key resources for the Portal, focused on “What is food science & technology” and “Food Science Teacher Resources.” 

A career in food, science and technology is guaranteed to be challenging and fulfilling with so many opportunities in different fields of food science. By supporting science teachers, AIFST hopes to inspire the next generation of food scientists. 

The Australian Agrifood Science Portal is a great example of fulfilling the AIFST mission to advance and inspire all food sector professionals through education, collaboration and recognition. This will champion a robust, innovative science based Australian food industry that meets future food needs. 

The Portal is a collaborative effort with partners from the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA); Primary Industries Education Foundation Australia (PIEFA); Action for Agriculture; University of Southern Queensland; Centre for Excellence in Agricultural Education – Richmond Agricultural College; and OzHarvest. 


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