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Australian Distilling Co. adds Navy Gin to its spirit range

Australian Distilling Co.

National spirits brand, Australian Distilling Co., has added Navy Gin to its growing range this month as a nod to the colourful history of overproof gins of a bygone era. 

“Our Australian Distilling Co. Navy Gin is truly our most unique to date, it is beautifully bold and crafted to perfection,” Australian Distilling Co. founder Michael Hickinbotham said. 

We’re excited for Australians to get their hands on it and enjoy it as much as we do.” 

The Australian Distilling Co. Navy Gin has been distilled to be refined, yet striking on the palate with an intense and bold flavour with dominant notes of woody spice and an earthy oak influence.  

This gin is higher in strength to the rest of the brand’s collection at 57 per cent. To contrast its heat, Australian Distilling Co. recommends pairing it back with a cooling cucumber garnish and Mediterranean tonic. Alternatively, consumers could try a chip of oak wood on the rim of the glass, for a cask aroma touch.  

“Our new Navy Gin is crafted with a nod to the colourful history of overproof gins from times gone by, when the British Royal Navy would allocate rations of spirits to their sailors, who would test its strength by dousing it with gunpowder to see if it would light,” Hickinbotham said. 

Intensely bold in flavour with notes of woody spice that soften on the palate, with a nice back bone of an earthy oak influence. This gin is fantastic for cocktails and makes a wicked martini.” 

The new Australian Distilling Co. Navy Gin joins the brand‘s national range which also features its Gin, Shiraz Gin, Rhapsody Ruby Gin and Vodka.  

This is the 16th spirit product for Australian Distilling Co. which has developed a range that continues to grow, compiled of gin and vodka variations. Each has a unique flavour profile embodying regions across Australia.  

Australian Distilling Co. has also seen recent success with awards, particularly the recent international SIP Awards where it received its first Platinum award.  

The full awards results can be found via this link: 

The Australian Distilling Co. Navy Gin comes in a 700ml glass bottle and retails for $94.99. It is currently sold online via the Australian Distilling Co. Gin Bar here and at local retailers across the country. 

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