Australian expertise helps provide fresh milk for Fiji

Australian Natural Proteins (AYB) has entered into an agreement with the Fijian-based Anthony Family to set-up an organic dairy farm and produce milk and other dairy products for the local Fijian market.

AYB and the Anthony Family aim to purchase a 1,000 acre organic farm and build an initial herd of 500 cows in order to produce 2.5 million litres of organic milk with the potential to increase this to a target range of 5 million litres within three years.

“Following the completion of the planned acquisition of our Australian dairy facilities, Australian Natural Proteins, will combine their expertise in farming and production with the Anthony family’s expertise in order to embark on this exciting opportunity to expand its business into Fiji,” said Paul Duckett, Executive Chairman of AYB.

“The Anthony family have over 50 years of experience in the dairy industry in Fiji, having established the country’s milk supply and distribution.”

With the complete execution of its Dairy Complex (five farms) acquisition in South Eastern Australia currently underway, the company will also be able through its Australian production volume be in a position to “swap” production for finished products into the Fijian market. The current combined milk production of these five farms is over 24 million litres per annum with a herd of 3,500 cows.

The property will also be used to build a pasteurising and bottling plant (likely A$500,000), and using the expertise of the Anthony family to supply the local market. The full volume of production initially will go direct to the consumer market in Fiji.

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