Australian food manufacturers to learn from the Brits

Some of Australia’s food manufacturing companies have travelled to the UK this week, to learn more about British technologies to produce fresher, healthier food.

According to UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), Australian companies will look to UK technology for ways to enhance food safety, shelf-life extension, refrigeration technology, bakery and gluten-free product development, minimal food-processing techniques and health-food supplements.

The companies will also learn how to better manufacture, process, transport, store, package and sell fresher, healthier produce in Australia for the Australian consumer.

One of the participating companies is Simplot best known for food brands such as Edgell, Chiko, Birds Eye, John West and Leggo’s. Also in the group is George Weston Foods.

“Food processing is one of the largest industries in Australia,” Richard Harper, UKTI Sydney trade development manager, who will be leading the mission, said.

“In 2009, the estimated worth of food and drink exports (excluding alcohol) from the UK to Australia was $99 million. Here at UKTI, we see plenty of opportunities for our two countries to work together, now and in the future.”

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