Australian Honey Ventures delivers Real Good Honey, empowering beekeepers

Australian Honey Ventures

Australian Honey Ventures, a Gin Gin start-up part-owned by Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins that empowers beekeepers, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to deliver a new honey brand – Real Good Honey. 

Australian Honey Ventures will support ongoing industry initiatives through campaigns and product innovation, giving beekeepers and consumers the opportunity to be involved in the future honey industry and drive social and environmental change. 

The company’s business model gives Australian beekeepers the opportunity to earn income based on a percentage of the wholesale packaged price for their honey, rather than a fixed rate. Through this model, the company will devote its resources to eliminating price setting in the industry. 

Creating a grass-roots company built by the industry, for the industry, is an important step for beekeepers, according to part-owners Stephen Fewster and CEO Jay Curtin. 

“Two years ago, beekeepers had very little bargaining power to negotiate the terms of their supply contracts, essentially becoming price-takers,” Curtin said. 

“Eager to solve this issue, we designed a profit-sharing business model that ties beekeeper prices to that of the consumer-ready product, so that beekeepers finally secure their fair share with a percentage of the wholesale packaged price. 

“At Australian Honey Ventures we believe big honey corporations should not control our honey supply chain, nor should they reap all the profits. We’re devoted to quarter-backing Aussie beekeepers and providing real returns. There’s no sticky business here,” he said. 

This was a unique opportunity to support the production of 100 per cent Australian fair-trade honey, Cummins said. 

“Australian Honey Ventures is made to give Australian beekeepers a fair go — which is what being fair dinkum is all about!” 

“As the first Australian honey company to launch a public crowdfunding campaign, Australian Honey Ventures is giving everyday Aussies a sweet opportunity to be a part of the feel-good company, while ensuring our local beekeeper community is given a fair go.” 

Through the crowdfunding campaign, Australians will be able to secure a share hold for a minimum of $250. 

Already shaking up the industry, Australian Honey Ventures are looking at new products and opportunities for investors to secure returns on, such as cosmetic and medicinal honeys. 

Established for 18 months, the company developed its first product last year,  BeeWell – a medicinal honey product well received in local and international markets. Sales of $80 to $600 per kilo ensured a percentage was returned to the Australian beekeepers who produced the honey. 

The impending launch of Real Good Honey will come as Australian Honey Ventures prepares to scale and grow its operations. 

Australian Honey Ventures’ crowdfunding campaign is available for Australians to invest in now, with offers closing at 11.59pm AEST on Tuesday 13 July 2021. 

For more information on the crowdfunding initiative, click here


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