Australian innovation to tackle the $36.6 billion food waste challenge

As the world discusses challenges on International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste, Australia’s leading entrepreneurs are taking action and investing in the delivery of practical tools to help consumers reduce food waste everyday. 

Australian-based social enterprise, Thankful has secured support from venture-studio Shadowboxer to deliver a new innovative, intuitive, and free app Saveful to consumers – which gives users the ability to save between $2,000-$3,000 each year.  

Launching in November, the Saveful app will help Australians save time, money and reduce food waste. 

Boasting a range of unique intuitive features, Saveful will deliver a personalised-user experience based on a family’s needs and tastes, as well as, the ability to build sustainable home cooking habits simply and conveniently. 

Saveful CEO Kim McDonnell says the powerful app has already attracted the attention of leading food brands, producers, retailers and governments as they crave practical tools and tangible solutions to combat the very big issue of food waste from farm to fork. 

“We are really excited to also have the support of chef, restaurateur and farmer Matt Moran who has come on board as Ambassador,” says McDonnell.   

“Collective action is critical and Saveful’s offering is empowering, positive and fun in an often negative, complex and overwhelming environment.  Delivering families with tangible and practical tools that make mealtimes less stressful and more sustainable.”

“Enabling people to do more with less with access to flexible meal frameworks, tools, tips, hacks and rewards, Saveful will also give households the ability to instantly see the impact of their actions by tracking food and money saved.” 

“Like a friend guiding Australians along the food journey from planning meals, shopping for food, storing items to preparing meals and usage – Saveful will encourage, support and enable positive waste behaviour change.”

“We are thrilled to have secured support from Shadowboxer and to be partnering with leading brands, industry groups and various governments deeply committed to combating the issue of food waste,” says McDonnell.  

“Saveful has the unique ability to play a key role in Australia achieving its target of halving Australia’s food waste by 2030 and will instantly address many of the problems highlighted and discussed today.”

“For us, it is important to be able to offer this innovation to Australian consumers for free and we invite Australian brands and organisations wanting to take meaningful action to join us in delivering Saveful to households across Australia,” says McDonnell.  

Saveful will also enable Governments and organisations to measure the impact and volume saved of household food, as well as provide valuable metrics to help Australia achieve its Food Waste Strategy national targets.

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