Australian Institute of Packaging expands its food charity reach into Victoria

For more than eight years, the has Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) been a supporter of Foodbank across Australia through the Queensland hamper program.

It is now pleased to also introduce the Victorian Warehousing Volunteer Program. 

The AIP has spent its Christmas Party every year for the past seven years with a twist.

The members pack Foodbank hampers for people who need some assistance from their community at Christmas time.

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In 2017, more than 150 people packed 1,100 hampers for Foodbank to provide to those in need during the holiday season.

The hampers included 800 family hampers and 300 ladies’ packs. The total valuing more than $73,000 worth of items that were either donated, or the funds raised for, by the Association and the wider industry

Over the last seven years, the team has packed 6,500 hampers to the value of close to $730,000 for people in need and they look forward to packing even more hampers in 2018.

All of industry is invited to donate items or funds to the hampers, or attend and participate at Eagle Farm Racetrack on the 7th of December 2018.

AIP asks for all those in the industry to join its new Warehouse Volunteering Program; either as an individual, with staff and colleagues, or with families.

AIP will work directly with Foodbank Victoria to book in some days where volunteers can visit the Yarraville Warehouse and help pick and pack on-line orders and mixed grocery boxes.

The day will start with a formal introduction on how Foodbank Victoria works and information on their charity partners.

The program will provide volunteers the opportunity to better understand how Foodbank works and will be a combination of picking and packing of on-line food orders and packing mixed grocery boxes.

The on-line orders have been placed by many of the 470 charity partners who look after the thousands of Victorians currently experiencing food insecurity.

The mixed groceries items
are donated by school students, community groups, clubs and corporate organisations who run food drives to provide the ingredients for the food boxes.

Their charity partners are able to order these boxes, which they then pass on to those families or individuals who need that extra help with grocery items.

Each volunteer will have the opportunity to work in both areas.

Shifts would be for four to five hours.

As a part of its commitment to the National Food Waste Strategy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12:3, AIP
is focused on providing long-term education and training on the role of packaging in minimising food waste, save food packaging, sustainable packaging and lifecycle analysis.

AIP also has a representative on the Department of the Environment and Energy National Food Waste Steering Committee and is a contributor of the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre.


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