Australian Made Week launches today

Australian Made Week launches today

Australian Made Week starts today, with shoppers urged to say g’day to one extra locally made or grown product each week to boost the country’s economy.

According to Roy Morgan research, if every household spent an additional $10 a week on Australian Made products, an extra $4.8 billion would be injected into the economy each year, creating up to 9,500 new jobs.

Australian Made chief executive Ben Lazzaro said the event, which runs from Monday 15 May to Sunday 21 May, would celebrate local makers and growers and encourage all Australians to get behind them.

“This is an incredible opportunity to not only buy local, but also to reflect on the direct economic impact purchasing goods with the Australian Made logo can have on thousands of workers throughout the supply chain,” he said.

“Every change consumers make in their weekly shopping – even the smallest ones – can create a huge difference for local businesses.”

All it takes is looking for the trusted green-and-gold kangaroo, which is recognised by 99 per cent of Australians, the research also found.

In a massive acknowledgement for local producers, Australian Made is one of the most trusted certification brands in Australia, with 93 per cent of Australians confident products displaying the mark are made or grown in Australia.

About 86 per cent of respondents consider it important to buy Australian Made, with Tasmanians topping the polls there – 93% of people living in Hobart ranked buying local products as either somewhat or very important.

Australian Made Week ambassador, tennis legend and all-round good sport Ash Barty is calling on all Aussies to get involved during the week by buying genuine Aussie products bearing the green-and-gold kangaroo.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying new sporting kit or a bag of apples, spending your money on Australian Made or Grown is a great way to support your local community,” Barty said.

“Australian products have a great reputation around the world for having some of the highest standards in craftsmanship, safety and quality. That’s a great reason to get behind them, but it’s also in all our best interests to buy local whenever we can and encourage all our family and friends to do the same.

Consumers can learn more about Australian Made Week and find genuine Australian Made products at

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