Australian mango season begins

Australians can finally get a taste of summer with mangoes returning on shelves from today.

To kick off the season, the first tray has been auctioned off for $40,000 at the 2023 Brisbane Markets Mango Auction.

The special fundraiser will go to support Redkite, which provides practical, financial, and mental health support to families who have a child with cancer, and The Lady Musgrave Trust who provide practical solutions that save lives and transition young women who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to a life of opportunity and prosperity.

“Wet weather and changing temperatures have delayed the start of this year’s mango season however we’re expecting distribution levels to reach 200,000+ trays nationally by early October with Aussies expected to indulge in over 150 million mangoes this season,” said Brett Kelly, CEO of Australian Mangoes.

“That’s plenty of mangoes for Aussies to slice, dice and devour this year.”

High in nutritional value, easy to prepare and so juicy and delicious, mangoes are a refreshing snack, perfect for desserts, and a unique addition to savoury dishes, too.

Why do Aussies love mangoes?

  • 88 per cent of Australian Mangoes are enjoyed locally
  • Over 60 per cent of Australian households enjoyed a mango over the past year
  • Australians purchased over 84 million mangoes in the 2022 season, up 17 per cent on the prior year

Australian Mangoes will be available at all major grocery, independent and local food markets. For more information and access to tasty and easy mango recipes, please visit 

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