Australian Refrigeration Association appoints new boss

The Australian Refrigeration Association (ARA) has named Ian Tuena as its new President, effective immediately.

Tuena takes over from outgoing President Tim Edwards, who had been in this role for five years. He will be supported by a revitalised Board.

In a statement, Tuena assured industry stakeholders that the ARA Board is committed to increasing the effectiveness the association.

“You know there is enormous potential for improvement in HVACR services in Australia.  We understand that we need for far greater participation by industry stakeholders in delivering the cost savings and emissions reduction made possible by natural refrigerant based technology. It is a challenge we are asking you to contribute to,” he said.

Tuena pointed to the words of Edwards: “The amendments to the Montreal Protocol call for global adoption of high efficiency, low emissions HVACR technology. Australia has the ability and need to lead this opportunity in the national interest…Now.”

Tuena added, “The simple fact is that natural refrigerant based technology has the potential to reduce the cost of HVACR services dramatically.  There is no longer a reason to delay.”

Image: Youtube

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