Australian seafood safe to eat: CDC

The Australian Seafood Cooperative Research Centre (Seafood CRC) has found Australian wild and farmed seafood is safe and healthy to eat.

The Seafood CRC released a report with nutritional analysis of 20 key Australian seafood species that Australians like to eat.

Federal Fisheries Minister Senator Joe Ludwig said the results were good news for Australian seafood lovers and the fisheries industries.

“This is the first major update of seafood nutritional information in more than a decade and gives consumers and industry an accurate, up to date understanding of exactly what’s in Australian seafood,” he said.

Project leader and South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) seafood safety researcher Dr Cath McLeod said the research made important data available on Australian wild and farmed seafood.

“Using advanced testing methods including DNA profiling to confirm each fish species, we looked at the energy, protein, fat, sodium, fatty acids, water, vitamins and minerals in a variety of Australia’s key seafood species, including farmed yellowtail kingfish, wild banana prawns and native oysters,” she said.

Seafood CRC has developed a brochure, ‘Super Seafood’ that highlights the nutritional value of different seafood varieties. Businesses can use it to develop key nutrient messages in their marketing, labelling and packaging through info graphics, downloadable nutrition information panels, and through a consumer focused guide that lets them share the news with their customers.

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