Australian supermarket chain Ritchies celebrates 150 years

This year, Australian supermarket chain, Ritchies, celebrates its 150th birthday.

“When Thomas Ritchie established the first Ritchies grocery store in Frankston in 1870, I don’t think he could have anticipated the business growing into one of the longest running in Australia,” says Fred Harrison, CEO of Ritchies Supermarkets.

Thomas Ritchie opened a general store in Frankston Victoria in 1870, with one legacy being the company’s ability to give back to the communities where the stores are located. So far, Ritchies Community Benefit card has given away almost $50 million dollars over the last 25 Years to local charities.

Ritchies grew from a small local grocery store to a large group with 78 supermarkets and liquor Stores. Today, Ritchies is still a family-owned business and has a turnover in excess of $1.1 billion.


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