Australians urged to Host a Roast this Christmas in July

Australians urged to Host a Roast this Christmas in July

Chicken brand Steggles is donating 30 cents from every Steggles Family Roast sold in July to go towards its ongoing work with children’s charities, hospitals, families and Australian kids in need.

Available at your local Woolworths, any purchase of a Steggles Family Roast Range makes it easy to do something more meaningful with your meal.

This particularly wintery July will be the closest many Australians get to experience a ‘white Christmas’, albeit with less snow – as the tradition of Christmas in July continues to grow with thousands of families and friends choosing to celebrate the increasingly popular tradition.

The charity initiative, titled ‘Host a Roast’ was first launched in 2018 and is part of a wider Steggles Charity Nest that has raised close to $12 million to help support a range of children’s charities, such as Children’s Cancer Institute, Ronald McDonald House, Lifestart, the Children’s Hospital Foundation and more.

A Christmas roast to remember at Bear Cottage

To launch ‘Host a Roast’ while highlighting the magic of Christmas, Steggles surprised the staff, children and families of Bear Cottage Hospice.

The hospice is an initiative of the Children’s Hospital at Westmead and affiliated with the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and receives funding through the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

The emotional and heart-warming moment was captured on video, showing the unsuspecting children and families expecting a usual shared meal, only to be greeted by a whimsical wonderland takeover of their dining room.

Kristina Keneally, chief executive officer at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, said it is proud to partner with Steggles to bring a little bit of home to the hospital.

“We know that for many children and young people, being away from home is one of the hardest parts of their healthcare journey. We also know that while kids are missing home, home is missing them too,” she said.

“Creating spaces and programs that focus on family togetherness and promote health and wellbeing is at the heart of our efforts to support the incredible work happening across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and we are so grateful to have dedicated partners like Steggles to help us achieve this.”

Steggles head of marketing, Yash Gandhi, said, “It’s such a privilege that, we are able to make a difference to the lives of the brave children and their families doing it tough. Steggles is known for bringing families together over food it’s what we do, and we are grateful that we are able to provide this experience and help with the wonderful work charities like SCHF do.”

Host a Roast to give back

There’s something special about the way a roast draws people together. In July, the humble roast will work to give back harder, so all you have to do is Host a Roast with a Steggles Family Roast to help give back to these incredibly impactful causes.

Steggles has shared the top four tips to make sure your roast goes off without a hitch:

Perfecting the roast: You don’t need a lot of ingredients to make an amazing roast chicken. A few ingredients with big flavour and a fool proof method will do all the heavy lifting. For example, always slather the skin with butter or oil, season with salt and pepper, and roast with garlic and thyme to add some extra delicious flavour.

All the trimmings: Spruce up your veggies with some added extras, including glazed carrots with goat cheese and honey; even try adding a sprinkling of parmesan to your roast potatoes to add a sharp edge to your carby side.

After-dinner entertainment: The perfect way to round off a successful Steggles roast is with some light entertainment to wind down the evening. A quick game of charades is sure to have your guests in a flap, Two Truths and a Lie, or even a quick few rounds of Pictionary.

Tablescaping: For the final touches, you want to make sure you follow a theme throughout when you are laying everything out for your guests. It could be anything you want it to be, so you could choose a key colour for the tablecloth, and napkins and let this inspire your table arrangement.

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