Australia’s first non-alcoholic bar and bottle shop set to open in Melbourne

Australia’s first non-alcoholic cocktail lounge, Brunswick Aces Bar, will open its doors to the public from Saturday, May 1.

The new venue will be serving a menu of over 100 non-alcoholic beers, wines and cocktails, curated by the team behind Australia’s first zero alcohol ‘spirit’, Brunswick Aces.

The new venue will also be home to the first physical non-alcoholic bottle shop in the country, with sober-seekers able to browse a variety of products to take home, including popular Aussie brands like Heaps Normal XPA, Songbird Wine and Ovant, as well as international brands including GNISTA and Vandestreek Playground IPA.

“When we initially announced the new bar back in February, we expected some positive feedback from locals, but we’ve been inundated with messages from far and wide,” said CEO and co-founder, Stephen Lawrence.

“Moderate and sober drinkers from Perth to Sydney and even the U.S and U.K, have contacted us not only keen to visit, but also asking us to open venues in their home cities.”

“At Brunswick Aces, we want to ensure anyone interested in non-alcoholic products has a great experience, and what better way to do that than to be able to try before you buy.”

The space the Brunswick Aces team has created is multi-functional. The team will be curating a range of events at the bar, including take-overs by other non-alcoholic brands who have never had the opportunity to get face-to-face with their customer base in this style of setting.

The Brunswick Aces brand ethos is to make everyone feel welcome, which means alcohol drinkers will also be able to come and enjoy the venue, with a single option of a gin and tonic on the menu, using the brand’s two Spades and Hearts gin blends.

Located in Brunswick East, the new bar is open Thursdays to Saturdays, between 3-11pm, with the bottle shop operating Monday to Saturday, between 11am-5pm.

Distillery Tours continue to operate every Saturday 12-2pm.

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