Australia’s largest single shipment of canola

ABB Grain has loaded Australia’s largest-ever single shipment of canola at its Port Lincoln terminal.

A 229m long ‘Baby Cape’ vessel called the Stalo docked at the terminal. The 87,000t deadweight Cypriot-flagged vessel took on 63,000t of Eyre Peninsula canola before setting sail for Rotterdam.

ABB Grain said it was challenged by the logistics of transporting the huge volume of canola from sites across the peninsula into Port Lincoln.

The company accumulated 40,000t in 12 days, resulting in more than 600 road train loads entering the terminal, as well as 120 wagons of oilseed coming in by rail.

The shipment was so substantial the oilseed had to be stored across two blocks within ABB’s Port Lincoln terminal, taking up 38 different silo cells.

The ship was loaded at a rate of 2000t an hour, taking two and a half days to complete the loading operation.

The canola was loaded on behalf of exporter Toepfer, with stevedoring by SWS.

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